• One of the most downloaded English
    vocabulary learning apps in Japan

  • Targeting English learners at all levels: from beginners to advanced learners

  • Ideal for people studying for the TOEIC (R) Test

Eipontan! is an English vocabulary learning app which offers adaptive learning; users can learn at one’s own pace and level. The app offers extensive exercises appropriate for users at all levels,
helping people learn efficiently and effectively without unnecessary stress. Users can listen to model sentences and learn a wide range of vocabulary through exercises such as multiple-choice questions and spelling quizzes. Learners can overcome their weaknesses by repetition, focusing on their weak points.

The app also has ample game features. For example, learners can get characters or items to decorate their front pages of the app. Fun and exciting events are offered occasionally to stimulate everyone’s motivation.

Another notable feature is its social elements. By communicating, competing, and sharing one’s learning experiences with others, users can easily continue studying much longer than when alone.

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  • A listening app designed to improve
    communication skills in English

  • More than 550 video materials and
    40,000 video-related exercises

  • Seven-day free trial available

  • Sign up for premium membership:
    you can study as much as you want

  • Comprehensive learning support
    services available for companies
    and schools

KikoEigo is a listening app which offers fun and effective learning experiences. Users can brush up on their practical English skills by studying with short authentic videos such as speeches by famous figures and TV commercials.

The app is suitable for English learners who currently need or intend to use English for their study or work. Many learners also find the app useful for preparing for the TOEIC(R) Test. People learning English as a leisure activity and want to use it when traveling abroad, also can enjoy studying on the app.

There are a variety of question types available on the app: English-Japanese and Japanese-English vocabulary questions, quizzes on vocabulary stress, scrambled-sentence exercises, and dictation exercises. This app has fun game elements as well. Users are owners of an island and each person can develop a unique and one-of-a-kind island by continuing one’s study. There are several study goals, which are called “missions,” and by completing those missions, learners get various buildings and items to place on the island. We’re using these game features to motivate learners.

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  • A vocabulary learning app targeting students in elementary school, junior high school, and high school

  • Covers over 6,000 English words and phrases that students need to learn in the Japanese education system

  • Provides learners a stress-free learning experience

  • Visually indicates improvement with
    65 step-by- step English ranks

  • 30-day free trial available

  • Comprehensive learning support services
    available for companies and schools

Maname is a vocabulary learning app which enables learners to acquire over 6,000 essential English words and phrases. The app widely covers English vocabulary from the school textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Maname has five kinds of exercises: English-Japanese and Japanese-English questions, vocabulary stress questions, spelling quizzes, and cloze tests. Exercises are designed to acquire the meanings and pronunciation of words. Additionally, vocabulary flashcards are available for all words, with which you will be able to improve receptive and productive vocabulary knowledge.
When studying, users can acquire student characters and items to decorate their unique rooms. The characters start off as first graders and grow and move up to the next grade as the user studies.

These gamification features enable learners to continue their study without stress, and enjoy the vocabularyacquisition process.

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Voices from Schools

Takashi Tanda
Department of English, Doshisha Junior and Senior High School

You might think Maname is just an ordinary game app at first, but in fact, there is a wide range of learning activities you can do with this single app. You can learn English pronunciation, practice spelling and check definitions for words. Students have diverse learning styles; Maname is an effective learning tool that offers adaptive learning tailored to each student’s needs. You can check the words that you haven’t answered correctly at a glance and you can learn at your own proficiency level. Learning with Maname, students seem to easily realize that they are making progress.

Motoyoshi Takita
Director of ICT Promotion Division, Yamato Seiran High School

At our school, we set the first 10 minutes of the class as “Time for Maname,” where everyone uses Maname to study English. We used to adopt a different app for students, but it turned out that they got bored easily. Maname, on the other hand, has various kinds of exercises which motivate the students to keep on studying. We realized that with Maname, students are actually increasing and expanding their vocabulary. Another advantage of Maname is that individual students can learn at their own level.

Maname for EIKEN®

Maname for EIKEN®

  • An English vocabulary learning app to help you prepare for the EIKEN® test (one of the most widely used English language testing programs in Japan); its gaming features make your learning experience an enjoyable one

  • The app’s educational contents are based on “Deru jun pass tan,” the must-read EIKEN® prep books published by Obunsha Co., Ltd.

  • The app has exclusive contents; approximately 4,000 additional example sentences with audio

  • Maname’s unique learning method allows learners to prepare for the test efficiently and effectively within a short period of time

  • Seven-day free trial available

Maname for EIKEN® is an English vocabulary building app which helps learners prepare for the EIKEN® test, one of the most widely used English-language testing programs in Japan, while having fun with its gaming features. The app’s educational contents are based on “Deru jun pass tan,” the must-read EIKEN® prep books published by Obunsha Co., Ltd. It also includes about 4,000 additional example sentences and their audio, which are available exclusively within the app. The unique learning method of Maname allows learners to prepare for the test efficiently and effectively, getting them ready in a short period of time.

With its extensive vocabulary questions, learners can prepare for the vocabulary section as well as other sections of the test. Cloze tests, which are designed to acquire the usage of words, are good exercises not only for listening and speaking sections but also for the writing section.

By studying English with Maname, learners can also enjoy its in-app gaming features; they can raise student characters or receive in-app items and wallpapers. Repetitive learning tends to be dull, but these fun gaming features serve as a great motivator. Furthermore, by visualizing the learning record, the app makes it easier for learners to plan their day-by-day study until the final test date.

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