News 2017.10.13

President Takashi Katsuragi Delivered a Speech
at NIKKEI VERSANT Special Seminar

Today our Representative Director and President, Takashi Katsuragi delivered a speech at NIKKEI VERSANT special seminar.

Information About the Seminar
NIKKEI VERSANT Special Seminar
Developing employees capable of working effectively both domestic and overseas is a necessary strategy in terms of human resources development, and a major business issue to Japanese companies. This seminar explores approaches to human resources development from the viewpoint of improving English skills of employees to expand business overseas.

Date: October 13, 2017 13:30〜16:30
Venue; Nikkei Conference Room
Organizer: Nikkei Inc.

About the Speech
Based on Katsuragi’s experience as a leader of “Englishnization Project” at Rakuten Inc., being responsible for improving employees' English skills, he introduced several cases from the project, sharing what he learned through the implementation of various measures, and how effective they were. He also talked about the cases where they used English apps to tackle the obstacles in improving English skills of all employees, resulting in remarkable improvements company-wide.

 President Takashi Katsuragi Delivered a Speech at NIKKEI VERSANT Special Seminar
The details of learning while having fun with "Game x Learning" apps
・How busy business persons can learn using their spare time while traveling
・How apps will help you keep learning while having fun and how they help your learning
・ReDucate’s expertise on enabling continuous learning developed through operation of English listening app, KikoEigo, and vocabulary building app, Eipontan!
・How "Gamification" will change our learning style

Katsuragi gave a presentation on our two apps: KikoEigo, which has started its service since 2015, and Eipontan! which was awarded the grand prize in the 2014 Japan e-learning awards. The presentation included the detailed explanation of what features help users keep learning while having fun and how the method of gamification can enhance effective learning. The presentation was positively received by the audience.

Operation service information

Outline of KikoEigo

KikoEigo is an English listening app, which offers fun and effective learning experiences. Users can brush up on their practical English skills by studying with short authentic videos such as speeches by famous figures and TV commercials. The app is suitable for English learners who currently need or intend to use English for their study or work. Many learners also find the app useful for preparing for the TOEIC(R) Test.
Users are owners of an island and each person can develop a unique and one-of- a-kind island by continuing one’s study. We’re using these game features to motivate learners.

Outline of Eipontan!

Eipontan! is an English vocabulary building app which offers adaptive learning. Users can study at their own pace and at a level appropriate for each individual, which allows them to continue learning without unnecessary stress. The app has a wide range of vocabulary exercises such as multiple-choice questions and spelling quizzes, and there are also listening exercises on English pronunciation. Fun and exciting in-app events are offered occasionally to motivate the users. Learners can overcome their weaknesses by repetition as the app will focus on their weak points. The app also has ample game features; for example, learners can get characters or items to decorate their front pages of the app.
Another notable feature is its social elements. By communicating, competing, and sharing their learning experiences with others, users will be able to continue studying long-term than when studying alone.

With our mission “Make the World Smarter,” ReDucate will continue to provide a new learning experience in order to create a world where people all over the planet can enjoy learning.
We look forward to your continued support of ReDucate.