News 2017.09.01

Notice Concerning Change of Representative Director and President

ReDucate announces the decision to change Representative Director and President, which was effective on August 31, 2017.

Former Representative Director and President Kohei Tanaka
New Representative Director and President Takashi Katsuragi

Reason for the personnel change
This personnel change is associated with the reorganization within Rakuten, Inc.

Brief biography of new Representative Director and President
New Representative Director and President Takashi Katsuragi
Born in 1971, Takashi graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University. He began his career in East Japan Railway Company (JR East); initially serving as a train crew, he took the hands-on experience to the development of training simulator. Takashi then moved on to Rakuten, Inc. to serve as Head of HR Department and Head of HR Development Department. His responsibilities included planning and implementation of the HR system, hiring of new employees, and development of employee training programs. He led the "Englishnization Project," which is to adopt English as the company’s official language, as its Project Leader. He was transferred to Rakuten USA, after which he was seconded to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and engaged in improving English education in Japan. Currently Takashi is leading the education business (Rakuten Super English) at Rakuten and was appointed to President and Representative Director of ReDucate since August 2017.

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