News 2017.07.17

ReDucate Launches Eipontan! x Snoopy Collaboration Event and Marketing Campaign

ReDucate is pleased to announce that it will be holding an in-app collaboration event between its English vocabulary building app Eipontan! and a popular character Snoopy. We have launched a marketing campaign to celebrate the collaboration event.

Information about Snoopy
Information about Snoopy

During the Eipontan! x Snoopy collaboration event, you will be able to get exclusive in-app decorations and wallpaper with Snoopy’s design.

Outline of the Campaign
ReDucate launches Retweet and Get Rewarded Campaign for the period below.

Celebrating Eipontan! x Snoopy Collaboration! Retweet and Get Rewarded Campaign
From July 10 at 12:00 to August 6 at 12:00 

You will be able to receive exclusive in-app Snoopy items by retweeting a designated tweet on our official Twitter account during the campaign period. The more retweets we have in total, the more items you’ll get.

Rewards per number of retweets (RT)

50RT In-app item Eipon Dollar ×100
100RT In-app item Enrollment Ticket x 3
300RT In-app item 7-Day Pon Milk x 1
500RT Decoration Charlie Brown at Baseball Field
1000RT In-app item Triple Power Chili x 2
50RT Decoration Snoopy at Baseball Field
3000RT Wallpaper Snoopy Baseball Field

The rewards will be distributed after the campaign ends. To learn more, please refer to in-app announcements and the campaign page below.

*The period and contents of the campaign may be subject to change.

Outline of Eipontan!
Eipontan! is an English vocabulary building app which offers adaptive learning. Users can study at their own pace and at a level appropriate for each individual, which allows them to continue learning without unnecessary stress. The app has a wide range of vocabulary exercises such as multiple-choice questions and spelling quizzes, and there are also listening exercises on English pronunciation. Fun and exciting in-app events are offered occasionally to motivate the users. Learners can overcome their weaknesses by repetition as the app will focus on their weak points. The app also has ample game features; for example, learners can get characters or items to decorate their front pages of the app. Another notable feature is its social elements. By communicating, competing, and sharing their learning experiences with others, users will be able to continue studying long-term than when studying alone.

App Title Eipontan!
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 or later ※There are exceptions for some Android devices.
iOS 6.0 or later for iPhone or iPod touch
Price Free download and limited usage, in-app purchases
Download URL GooglePlay
Official Website
Official Twitter
Promo Video

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