News 2017.07.01

ReDucate Announces the End of Eipontan! for students

ReDucate announces that it will end all services of Eipontan! for students on July 30, 2017. We appreciate all your support so far of Eipontan! for students. Eipontan!, a sister app of Eipontan! for students, continues its service. We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new app Maname targeted for elementary, junior high, and high school students. We truly hope you will keep learning with our apps.

Information about the end of Eipontan! for students
The sales of Study Passport, which is the item for three-month subscription, ended on April 30
New installs closed on May 8.
All services will end on July 30.
Please refer to in-app announcements for details.

Outline of Maname
まManame is a vocabulary learning app which enables learners to acquire over 6,000 essential English words and phrases. The app widely covers English vocabulary from the school textbooks approved by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Users can learn vocabulary with exercises at an appropriate level. Maname has five kinds of exercises: English-Japanese and Japanese-English questions, word stress questions, spelling quizzes, and cloze tests. Exercises are designed to acquire the meaning and pronunciation of words and phrases, as well as their usage.

Introductory video for Maname
Official website for Maname

With our mission “Make the World Smarter,” ReDucate continues to provide a new learning experience in order to create a world where people all over the planet can enjoy learning.
Thank you for your continued support of our services.

Outline of Eipontan! for students
Eipontan! for students is an English vocabulary building app which offers adaptive learning. Users can study at their own pace and at a level appropriate for each individual, which allows them to continue learning without unnecessary stress. The app has a wide range of vocabulary exercises such as multiple-choice questions and spelling quizzes, and there are also listening exercises on English pronunciation. Fun and exciting in-app events are offered occasionally to motivate the users. Learners can overcome their weaknesses by repetition as the app will focus on their weak points. The app also has ample game features; for example, learners can get characters or items to decorate their front pages of the app. Another notable feature is its social elements. By communicating, competing, and sharing their learning experiences with others, users will be able to continue studying long-term than when studying alone.

App Title Eipontan! for students
Compatibility Android 4.0 or later *There are exceptions for some Android devices.
iOS 6.0 or later for iPhone or iPod touch
Price 720JPY / 3 months (240JPY per month, three-month minimum subscription)
Download URL GooglePlay
Official website