News 2017.06.15

ReDucate Launches the Second KikoEigo Video Marketing Campaign

ReDucate, Inc. will launch its second campaign on June 15 to celebrate the release of the promo video for KikoEigo, an English learning app.

Information About the Promo Video
The video will be shown between May 9, 2017 to June 30, 2017 on YouTube, starring Yuriyan-retriever, one of the hottest solo comedians in Japan. In the video, Yuriyan introduces KikoEigo in English, which she is actually quite good at. However, she somehow switches to Kansai-ben, a dialect in the Kansai region, with a strong English accent. She dresses and behaves like a Hollywood celebrity and talks about typical and funny episodes of learning English in Japan.

During the rehearsal, ReDucate’s members gave some advice on English pronunciation. Yuriyan showed considerable improvement in the limited amount of time and totally astonished everyone there. During the shooting, she created a relaxing atmosphere by sharing interesting episodes regarding some New Yorker’s English pronunciation that she took note of during her stay in New York.

Cast Information
Date of birth: November 1, 1990
Place of birth: Nara prefecture
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Watching movies, calligraphy, dancing, swimming, playing the piano, and drawing portraits
Good at: English, dancing
Won the first prize in NSC (a training school of entertainers) Live 2013 and graduated from NSC at the top of the list.
Won the first prize in the 47th NHK comedian contest and became the first winner ever as a female solo comedian

Outline of Campaigns
ReDucate, Inc. will launch its second marketing campaign to celebrate the release of KikoEigo’s promo video.

Free Coins
All new users will be awarded one million in-app coins.

Distribution of in-app Items
All premium plan users* will be awarded in-app items: a special building, “Comedy Theater,” and a special decoration item, “Comedy Signboard.”
*Includes users who signed up for the premium plan before the start of the campaign.

Campaign Period
From June15 to June 30, 2017 To learn more about the campaign, please refer to the in-app announcements.
Note: The period and contents of the campaign may be subject to change.

Basic Information About KikoEigo
KikoEigo is an English listening app, which offers fun and effective learning experiences. Users can brush up on their practical English skills by studying with short authentic videos such as speeches by famous figures and TV commercials. The app is suitable for English learners who currently need or intend to use English for their study or work. Many learners also find the app useful for preparing for the TOEIC(R) Test.
Users are owners of an island and each person can develop a unique and one-of-a-kind island by continuing one’s study. We’re using these game features to motivate learners.

App Title KikoEigo
Compatibility Android 4.1 or later * *There are exceptions for some Android devices.
iOS 7.0 or later for iPhone or iPod touch
Price Free download and limited usage, some in-app purchases, or unlimited usage plan for 1,080JPY/month, tax included.
Download URL GooglePlay

AppStore id977104066?mt=8
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Facebook

– More than 550 video materials and 40,000 video-related exercises
– Exercises are created by ReDucate, Inc. in collaboration with Rakuten, Inc.
– Video contents and some of the exercises are provided by English Central, Inc.
– This application includes the contents of Eijiro (Ver.144), Waeijiro and Ryakugoro, created by EDP(
– “Eijiro” is a registered trademark of Sachiko Michihata. ReDucate may add new vocabulary and meanings to the contents, when necessary.