News 2017.05.17

ReDucate Exhibits at Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX)

ReDucate showcased its English learning apps at the 8th Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX) held in Tokyo, Japan.

Information about the 8th Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX)
Official website for Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX)

Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX) is Japan’s largest trade show in education with more than 800 exhibitors. EDIX is attended by a number of key decision makers from educational organizations, such as universities, boards of education, elementary, junior high, and high schools, private tutoring schools and vocational schools. The event is a place for business meetings for selecting and adopting educational products and services. At each booth, exhibitors showcase their new products, perform demonstrations and deliver demo lessons.

Exhibition Period: From May 17th to May 19th
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Information about ReDucate’s exhibition booth

ReDucate showcased its English vocabulary building app Maname and English listening app KikoEigo at the “Fun Learning” section within the RakutenSuperEnglish booth. By giving demonstrations of Maname and KikoEigo and having visitors actually play these apps with smartphones and tablets, we introduced how these apps can be used at educational institutions. In addition, we held a seminar entitled “How to make use of English learning apps for continuous learning.” In the seminar, we illustrated how Maname and KikoEigo can help overcome the difficulties that educators and HR people often face when implementing English learning programs at schools and companies. We also explained the key features of our apps and how learners can use these apps to keep up their learning. The seminar was well attended and was positively received by our visitors.

Introductory video for Maname (Japanese only)

Information about RakuteSuperEnglish
RakutenSuperEnglish is Rakuten’s English learning service which has been developed based on ample know-hows that Rakuten has accumulated through its Englishnization project, which is to adopt English as the company’s official language. The service includes English learning apps which allow users to learn English efficiently at their own level and an after-school English school for children which focuses on developing practical English skills.

With our mission “Make the World Smarter,” ReDucate continues to provide a new learning experience in order to create a world where people all over the planet can enjoy learning.