ReDucate is a joint venture between Rakuten, Inc. and Drecom, Inc.
The company was established to offer high-value-added educational services by promoting the growth of Drecom’s social learning business and leveraging Rakuten’s ecosystem.

Company NameReDucate, Inc.
FoundedSeptember 16, 2014
Headquarters4-5-37 #102 Kamiosaki,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0021, Japan
PresidentTakashi Katsuragi
CapitalJPY 100,000,000
Core BusinessProviding educational services utilizing information technology

About the President

President and Representative Director
Takashi Katsuragi

Born in 1971, Takashi graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University. He began his career in East Japan Railway Company (JR East); initially serving as a train crew, he took the hands-on experience to the development of training simulator. Takashi then moved on to Rakuten, Inc. to serve as Head of HR Department and Head of HR Development Department. His responsibilities included planning and implementation of the HR system, hiring of new employees, and development of employee training programs. He led the “Englishnization Project,” which is to adopt English as the company’s official language, as its Project Leader. He was transferred to Rakuten USA, after which he was seconded to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and engaged in improving English education in Japan. Currently Takashi is leading the education business (Rakuten Super English) at Rakuten and was appointed to President and Representative Director of ReDucate since August 2017.

Directions & Map

ReDucate, Inc.
4-5-37 #102 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0021, Japan

ReDucate’s Vision

Do you think learning is boring
and difficult?

Do you want to have fun while studying?

With the mission, “Make the World Smarter,” ReDucate provides a new learning experience and
promotes the development of a world where people all over the world can enjoy learning.
By utilizing new technologies and eliminating the idea that “learning is boring and difficult,”
we want to offer fun learning experience to many people.

How ReDucate Creates New Learning Experiences

ReDucate provides the value, “keep learning while having fun,” to the world by incorporating three main elements into our services: gamification, adaptive learning and social learning.

  • Gamification

    We motivate and support the learners’ continuous study by applying game elements to learning.

  • Adaptive Learning
    Adaptive Learning

    Our products allow learners to learn in a personalized manner by providing materials adjusted to their performance. Learners will be able to feel achievement no matter what their current skill levels are.

  • Social learning
    Social learning

    We add a social touch to learning, so learners can communicate amongst each other and share their progress. Being in such a community encourages learners to study more and enjoy their studies.

At ReDucate, professionals from the educational content development field and game and software development field are working together to create a learning mechanism which allows learners to continue their learning and realize their improvements. The core elements incorporated in our products and services are gamification, adaptive learning and social learning.
ReDucate constantly strives to create innovative learning experiences to offer new values that traditional education cannot provide.

We believe cramming
at your desk alone
is not
the only way to learn.
By using ReDucate’s technology and services,
people can learn anytime and anywhere,
with a lot more fun.

“Learning is so fun! It’s so exciting!”
If we can spread this kind of positive image towards learning around the world, if we can motivate people to think “I want to learn more!”
and if we can give more flexibility to learning and help people believe “I can learn anytime and anywhere!”,

the world will be smarter!

With such beliefs, ReDucate’s staff members are working hard every day to transform how people study and learn.