ReDucate believes learning should be fun and accessible to everyone, anytime and anywhere.
To achieve this goal, our teams are determined to change the negative image of learning as well as conventional learning styles and create a world where all of us can learn with excitement and become smarter.

ReDucate’s Mission

ReDucate continues to pursue the innovative
learning experience using the power of technology.
We will boost motivation for learning and create
better opportunities to learn throughout the world.

  • Gamification

    We motivate and support the learners’ continuous study by applying game elements to learning.

  • Adaptive Learning

    Our products allow leaners to learn in a personalized manner by providing learning materials adjusted to their performance. Learners will be able to feel achievement no matter what their current skill levels are.

  • Social Learning

    We add a social touch to learning, so learners can communicate amongst each other and share their learning progress. Being in such a community encourages learners to study more and enjoy their studies.

ReDucate creates new values that traditional education
cannot provide by incorporating gamification,
adaptive learning and social learning.


Eipontan!: one of the most downloaded English vocabulary learning apps in Japan with more than 2.4 million downloads.
The app offers unique, motivational experiences for all English learners.

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KikoEigo: a listening app designed to improve communication skills in English.
Learners acquire practical English skills through a wide range of study activities based on short authentic video materials.
Comprehensive learning support services are available for companies and schools.

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Maname: a vocabulary learning app released in April, 2017.
Maname targets students in elementary school, junior high school, and high school.
The app covers over 6,000 English words and phrases that students need to learn in the Japanese education system, and provides students a stress-free learning experience.

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Maname for EIKEN®

Maname for EIKEN®: an English vocabulary learning app to help you prepare for the EIKEN® test (one of the most widely used English language testing programs in Japan); its gaming features make your learning experience an enjoyable one.
The app’s educational contents are based on “Deru jun pass tan,” the must-read EIKEN® prep books published by Obunsha Co., Ltd.

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